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SMPH Logos & Templates


The School of Medicine and Public Health (SMPH) has its own official logo, in two orientations, in formats: PDFs, EPSs, PNGs, SVGs, below. All departments and institutions which operate within SMPH should utilize their official UW SMPH logos (contact us with your departmental logo requests or questions).

SMPH Logos for Print Use

SMPH Logos for Web Use

SMPH PowerPoint Template

The following PowerPoint themes are available for use by SMPH faculty, staff, and students. (templates updated Jan 2018)


For University of Wisconsin-Madison logos and/or the UW Crest, see University Marketing’s Print or Web logos and guidelines. Email University Marketing for any questions about using UW-Madison logos.

For UW-Madison themed PowerPoint templates, please see the University’s Multimedia downloads page