Digital display in hallway of UW-Madison Health Sciences Learning Center

Digital Signage

HSLC and WIMR house 5 screens that the public can see. To learn more about how to submit content to these screens, see below. To submit your content—text and flier—click “submit” button, below.

What to Submit

  • SMPH-related events taking place in HSLC or elsewhere on campus can be displayed on the HSLC displays on 1st floor, 4th floor and in the Boxer Connector.
  • Only departments or programs with physical space in WIMR can have their events posted on the WIMR display.
  • Instructional events such as meetings, grand rounds, lectures, etc. are acceptable. Some examples of postings that are NOT approved, include things like retirement parties, vendor demos, UW Health or UW Hospital-hosted events, etc. The SMPH Dean’s office has the final determination on what will be accepted.

How to Submit

  • Submit events by THURSDAY, NOON for posting the following week.
  • The event flyer is only posted on the day of the event, but the date/time/event will appear on the screen as soon as we get the notice and can get it posted, hence the advantage of getting your event to us as far in advance as possible.
  • Provide us with an 8.5″ wide x 11″ tall PDF of your event/lecture/meeting. Keep in mind they will only be on-screen in 10-second cycles so keeping the information simple and to the point is best.

Questions? Email us