Rates & Billing

Billing Rates: FY 2023-24

Vickie Anderson, Billing Manager
1373 HSLC | 750 Highland Avenue | Madison, WI | 53705-2221
P: 608.263.6390 | FX: 608.263.6390 | vakrohm@wisc.edu

Media Solutions Price List for FY24
Download our FY 2023-24 Billing Rates

Payment, Estimates and Turnaround Time

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Forms of Client Payment

UW system departments

We accept two forms of payment:

  1. internal work order number,
  2. a direct charge number*

*fund/acct/unit/ division/activity; also include contact person, phone number and billing address

We rely on our clients to provide us with the correct funding number. Once the invoice has been processed, any changes to the funding number will need to be made by the client or client’s department.

State of Wisconsin agencies

  • Please supply us with your PO#, contact person, phone number, and address, which we will reference on your billing statement.
  • Prices are the same as for UW clients.

Clients who pay with a personal check*

  • Personal check or cash payments require us to add to your cost. Effective March 1, 2020 the personal payment surcharge rate will be 55.5% (plus tax, with the exception of those who are tax exempt).
  • Please make your check out to: Board of Regents.
  • If you have questions related to this policy, please contact UW Internal Audit Services.

*This UW policy applies to student, faculty, and staff who wish to write a personal check.

External clients:

Non-state or non-UW clients pay a 55.5% surcharge plus tax (tax exempt companies do not pay tax).

Set up a UW requisition with us

  • Please see your departmental financial specialist.
  • Use the address below in the Deliver To area:

Media Solutions
1373 HSLC
750 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI 53705

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Estimates and Timelines at Media Solutions

Production project estimates and RUSH charges

  • We can prepare an estimate for your project upon request. There will be no charge for a ballpark estimate. Tight estimates require more consultation and information gathering and are billed by the quarter hour.
  • Estimates will change if the job requirements change after the initial estimate is given. If a deadline for a job is moved up, the estimate may change to accommodate priority charges from us and our vendors.
  • Extensive revisions can also increase the range of an estimate.
  • Planning ahead and having all your materials approved with your colleagues before you visit us is the best way to acquire an accurate estimate.
  • Knowing our turnaround times for specific types of jobs can help you stay within your budget. If a job has to be at the printer in 5 days or less, it will be considered a RUSH.
  • RUSH charges = time and a half. For example, if the total time for a project is 3 hours; then an additional 1.5 hours will be added to the invoice.

We will work within your budget

  • If you have a set budget for your project, it is important to inform our production staff of this amount at the initial consultation. We will describe the work we can do for you based on this amount.

Your work order balance

We do not keep an accounting of work order balances for our UW clients. We will alert you only if your account has expired or your account with us needs information in order for us to bill accurately and efficiently.