QR Codes: They’re B-A-C-K!

cartoon explanation of how QR codes are scanned

Wait, they’re back?

Yep, QR codes are here and well, everywhere. With many gatherings virtual, and physical distancing being practiced by some, QR codes are a great way to bring viewers to: your site or an event or a public Zoom meeting, win tickets, read a contactless/digitized menu, download an app, see a map, read chapters of a book, wayfinding in an exhibit, park or museum, and more. They are a mobile-first marketing tool especially useful for timely events. See some of these in action in the Burger King commercial below:

Get out your mobile and get ready to scan….

QR codes take you from one platform to another

Let’s say you have a flier (print or on a digital kiosk) advertising an upcoming event, and a url included for viewers to find out more. Great! Except, most people are not going to take the time to type that url in a browser window (not even a relatively short one) on their phone, as they’re walking by. In their dash from car to building, from front door to “safe” office or monitored space.

Most folks do have 2-3 seconds to point their mobile phone at a QR code on a flier, sticker, kiosk, digital display or sign that catches their eye, and keep running along. Then when they get to their destination and have a minute, there it is, your site or event on their phone browser window, with everything they need to know.

Where/how to make one?

Aegeri Farbig's QR code knitted creation in black and white yarn
This ingenious knitted QR code (go ahead, try it!) by Aegeri Farbig, posted to their Instagram account, takes viewers to their site, which states “[we are]….a colourful community art project that aims to transform a public area with yarn bombing/knit graffiti.”

❧ You can Google Online QR Code Generator to find a generator you like.

❧ And, here are a few (mostly free) QR code generators we learned about at a recent WordPress Users meeting:

A gallery of innovative (some local) QR code sightings:

We can make QR codes for you!

Or, if you are having Media Solutions design something for you, we can add a scannable QR code to your document, sticker, digital event display, postcard, photo, video, poster, flier (you get the idea, anything) for you in Adobe InDesign.

Submitting an event flier to us for the digital displays?

Help your viewers find your event! Please do consider adding a QR code to your flier before submitting it to us. We’ll be sure to add it to the when/where part of the signage as well. Like this recent one…
Digital signage with QR code on event flier/digital screen

2 thoughts on “QR Codes: They’re B-A-C-K!”

  1. What kind of data can you gather by using a QR code? e.g., number of people who scanned the QR code, etc?

    1. Hi Kate, Thanks for reading! People use QR codes for all sorts of things, but we primarily recommend it as a way for viewers to get to a webpage or event quickly/easily (as we wrote in the post), and it’s why we recommend our clients use them for fliers or digital displays in public places–so passers-by can connect or read more about the event they are advertising.

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