Directory of current SMPH logos

UW-Madison crest (correct one highlighted)

Did you know that you can search for and download the current logos for all SMPH departments, divisions, offices, etc., at one location? Visit the Media Solutions SMPH Logos page to verify that you are using the current logo for your department and download it for free.
UW-Madison crest: current variation to use
The design of these logos is current as of 2016. If you have been using the same logo for your department’s communications (letterhead, posters, email signatures) for more than five years, you may be using an outdated logo. We recommend using our logo index to verify that you are using the current SMPH logo that represents your department. Above is a graphic that will allow you to identify outdated logo elements (crest, fonts) by comparing them to the current logo elements.

Looking for just that UW Crest or other UW logos? Here’s the web version, with links to other versions on that page.

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