PICK UP FILES over the network

Mac OS X
1. Under the Go menu, select Connect to Server

* Under Server address: enter  Click Connect.

2. Login as dropoff, and password is dropoff. Click Connect.

3. Another window appears with server choices.

* To pick up files, highlight Transfer and click OK.

4. Double-click on the Pickup folder to open it.

* Inside, find the folder or item that is yours and drag it to your desktop.

5. When finished copying your files to your computer, drag the Transfer server icon from your desktop to the Trash.

1. Go to My Network Places OR Network in Windows 7/8.
* Enter this ftp address in the Address box and then press Enter:
* You will get a message that Windows cannot access this folder. This is okay! Click OK.
* Go to the File menu OR right click in Windows 7/8, and choose Login As...
* Login as dropoff, and use the password dropoff as well.

2. Double-click Transfer.

3. Double-click Pickup. Locate the file or folder with your name on it and drag it to your computer's desktop.

4. Please notify the staff person you are working with, that you have picked up the files, so that they can remove them from the server.